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The business environment is often described as competitive, tough and even cut-throat. Competition and conflict might seem to be a natural part of doing business. However there are times when negotiating and resolving a conflict is simply better for business.

Disputes in business can be unproductive and damaging to business partnerships and client relationships. If you have a dispute that is harming your business or your relationship with a client, mediation may be able to help.

Mediation offers a more flexible and affordable alternative to legal action and is quick to arrange and easy to use. The aim of mediation is to assist all parties to find solutions that work, not simply decide who was right or wrong, so you work together to find a win-win solution to issues, which protects your business relationships and your business.

The advantages of mediation are that:

  • The people themselves maintain control over their own dispute.
  • Since parties make their own decisions they are usually more committed to the outcome than if a decision is imposed on them.
  • The real ‘experts’ are usually the parties themselves. This means that the decisions reached are often more workable and practical than decisions made by outsiders.
  • The service is confidential, prompt, cost-effective, accessible and “user friendly”.
  • Mediators/facilitators used by the Service are drawn from a wide range of cultures and occupations.

All matters discussed in mediation are confidential and parties cannot use anything that is said or done in the mediation in any legal proceedings. This can protect businesses that want to resolve issues that are commercially sensitive.

Mediation can help resolve disagreements about money or debts, customer complaints, or many other disagreements that arise from time to time in business. Our service can assist with disputes between a business and a customer, between business partners or even between competitors.

Whether you are in business yourself or have a dispute with a business you are dealing with, CRS staff can discuss the details and help you decide whether mediation is your best option.


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Provides information, advice and legal assistance to both public and private tenants in the ACT.

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