Healthy Neighbourhoods Program

The Healthy Neighbourhoods Program is funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety. The aim of the program is to prevent, manage and resolve neighbourhood disputes.

A key strategy in achieving this aim has been to promote early intervention into neighbourhood disputes.

The promotion of early intervention has been pursued through:

  • Conducting community education activities for community groups, schools and government agencies;
  • The publication of educational articles in newspapers and community newsletters;
  • Advertisements in local newspapers and community newsletters;
  • Distribution of 10,000 Healthy Neighbourhood brochures annually.

The program also aims to bring together agencies involved in neighbourhood disputes by administrating a Neighbourhood Dispute Management Network. This network promotes ways to improve service provision and delivery between agencies and CRS. We hope to enhance the understanding of alternate ways to resolve client disputes and broaden the scope of our programs.

The forum provides an opportunity for agencies to announce new initiatives and meet any shortfalls. Participants can ask questions and clarify how agencies work and how they relate to each other. Any gaps or improvements in services can be identified and creative ways introduced to address them. We look to work together to streamline matters where early intervention has produced positive results in the prevention, management and resolution of neighbourhood disputes

For Further information on the Healthy Neighbourhood Program please contact the Program Officer.


If you are interested in CRS's Community Education programs and would like someone from CRS to deliver a presentation to your workplace, school, organisation, community group etc on any other issues relating to CRS services or the prevention, management or resolution of disputes, please contact CRS Executive Director. Community Education sessions are generally free in most cases.

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