Training for your organisation

A small yet highly specialised service offering provided by CRS includes training for organisations.

What if you dont know exactly what your organisation is looking for in a Training Program?

CRS can assist you to select a Standard Training Program or design a Tailored Program to specifically meet the needs of your industry, organisation and/or client group

Some of the programs CRS can deliver include, but are not limited to:

Introduction to Conflict Communication Skills Building Respectful Relationships
Advanced Conflict Resolution Ethics & Professionalism Workplace Effectiveness
Pespective, Objectivity & Impartiality Giving & Receiving Feedback Negotiation Skills
Facilitation Skills Effective Customer Service Developing Effective Teamwork
Managing Emotions Dealing with Difficult Behaviours/Situations Dealing with Aggressive Behaviours
Introduction to Mediation (3hrs) Basic Mediation Training (22.5hrs) Mediation Training - Accredited (72hr program)


Testimonials….what some people have like about CRS’s training courses

“A very well developed and run course.  I found it to be both informative and stimulating, not to mention challenging”

“I was favourably impressed by the skills of the facilitators.  Keep up the present standards.  I thought the facilitators were very professional, able, pleasant, effective and skilled at guiding discussion to fruitful outcomes”

“Presentation professional and engaging, with a great mix of theory, room for us to talk and practice our skills”

“It has given me more insight into how to deal with conflict and situations from different views and how to approach the issues with alternative avenues”

“Talking through real issues from the workplace and the structured group discussions”

“Learning new strategies to deal with issues at work (and home).  I also appreciate the self-reflection which emphasized what I do right and wrongly”

“Love how we covered different topics”

“Discovering new strategies and going over old ground by reviewing past experiences and discussing the positives and negatives of how I dealt with it”


To discuss the Training and Professional Development needs of your organisation contact the CRS Executive Director, who can discuss your needs and clarify what CRS can provide and at what cost.
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